How to rise from the ashes: Jobs you can have with a felony

If you are a felon, your career might seem like it’s on a dark path. Yeah, life is hard when you have a permanent stain that just wouldn’t go, and this is not only bad for you alone, but it affects the economy as well. Most companies want to hire employees with “clean slate”; so as to keep their employment record clean and out of trouble so that would explain why you’re having a hard time getting an interview with the Head recruiters.

But we all deserve a second chance, so what should you do in order to get yours? Well, the best way is to keep trying, but here are a few tips to help you get jobs you can have with a felony. As far as jobs you can have with a felony goes, there are a lot of options on fact. To start out, you should consider your luck at freelancing. Now it may not seem like much, but it is a good way to get yourself started, gain a little experience, and you might start to love your job.

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There are many ways you can get about this, like writing, painting, designing (web and graphic), bartending, makeup artistry, customer service representative, gardening and landscaping and so on. Now, some of these can be done through the internet, but you’ll have to go to your work personally for some. If you think you’re cut out for heavy job, you can try your hand in construction, or driving, and so on. For more information please visit

Now there are companies that provide opportunities for you to have jobs you can do with a felony, so this means that they are interested and dedicated even, to providing second chances to people. Research, patience and perseverance are the key. There are a lot of felony friendly companies that would hire you as well, so you have more options there. Once you get yourself established, you can rise up the ranks and earn more wages.

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